What’s in your Drink?

How Many Carbs are You Really Drinking?

In an effort to live a healthier lifestyle, many people are seeking low-carb options.  Unfortunately, alcohol rarely fits the low-carb mark.  Many alcoholic beverages are high in sugar and thus high in carbohydrates.  If you are thinking of starting a keto-style diet or trying to lose weight ditch the alcohol.  Alcohol can cause weight gain and may make it difficult to lose belly fat.

According to ditchthecarbs.com, “beer is liquid bread.”  Many people forget to consider that a drink can have as many carbs as their meal.  While some beer companies have jumped on the low-carb trend, many still carry a hefty load of carbs.  What carries more punch (in calories and carbs) than a beer?  Ciders and mixed drinks.  By now, most people considering a low carb or keto-style diet have greatly reduced the amount of juice that they consume, but what about ciders which are made from fermented apple juice or mixed drinks which can have an extraordinary amount of sugar.  Unfortunately, the sweeter the drink the more likely it is hiding more carbs than a couple of Oreo cookies.

Cocktails are probably the worst culprit considering that they are often mixed with sugary juices or syrups.  The alcohol itself may be the belly buster.  Sweet liqueurs can have double the recommended serving of carbohydrates for an entire meal.

Choosing to reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake is a good start for any healthy diet.  Alcohol has known short and long-term health risks.  If you are struggling with the inability to lose weight, consider what you are drinking.  Carb intake is not just from food but from anything you are consuming.  If you believe that you are at risk for alcohol use disorder you should seek treatment immediately.