What is the SCRAM Bracelet?

woman-scram-braceletThe SCRAM bracelet is a tamper- and water-resistant ankle bracelet that provides continuous monitoring utilizing a technology called Transdermal Alcohol Testing. Innovative and lightweight, this 8oz device combines sensors and electronics that collect, test and send important data throughout the day and night utilizing radio frequency, without the user ever knowing when a sample will be collected.

How does the SCRAM Bracelet work?

Each SCRAM bracelet utilizes two unique technologies which can each be scheduled to occur at a specific time by the monitoring agency. A sensor on each unit measures alcohol consumption by testing vapors that are transmitted through the skin.

An electronic sensor is utilized specifically for storing the collected data on the internal memory chip as well as detecting whether the bracelet has be tampered with. If any item such as aluminum foil, tape, or even paper is placed between the bracelet and the skin, the patented technology trippers a tamper alarm that is sent to the monitory agency, date and time stamped.

Once a SCRAM bracelet is put on, it cannot be removed. If any tampering occurs or alcohol is detected, the unit begins testing the user every half hour and results are stored as well as transmitted as soon as the user is within range of the modem.

Carry On and SCRAM

Diversified Monitoring Systems understands the importance of being able to continue living your life as normally as possible while adhering to court orders. This innovative ankle monitoring device keeps you in check without tying you down.