Vikings WR Michael Floyd Arrested after Violating House Arrest

Embattled Vikings Wide Receiver Michael Floyd cannot seem to escape trouble related to his February drunk driving conviction in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Floyd was in court late last month for allegedly violating the conditions of his probation which included not drinking any alcohol and completing house arrest. Floyd was required to submit to a number of self-administered breath tests to monitor his alcohol consumption.  A Scottsdale judge found that Floyd had violated those conditions on multiple occasions and required him to serve an additional day in jail.  Prosecutors pushed to have the balance of his sentence converted to jail time after his violation.  He had previously served 24 days after the initial conviction.

Floyd was granted permission to remove his house arrest monitoring bracelet to attend offseason minicamps with the Minnesota Vikings.  His house arrest was also transferred to Minnesota after he signed a $1.4 million contract with the team.  Prosecutors are furious that after the wide receiver was granted special considerations he still violated the terms of his probation.  Floyd claims that the violation occurred after he consumed a large amount of kombucha tea which contains small amounts of alcohol.  According to court documents, Floyd’s blood alcohol level registered at .055, .045 and .044 over the course of an hour.  He missed his scheduled fourth breath alcohol test.  The Minnesota Vikings are defending their newly signed Wide Receiver as a hard-working individual who ultimately made a poor choice.