Vanderburgh County to reduce overcrowded jails by releasing inmates with GPS Monitor Requirement

Vanderburgh-CountyThe jail in Vanderburgh County, Indiana faces a problem that plagues countless jails throughout the country: overcrowding. Sheriff Dave Wedding said enough was enough and introduced a plan to relieve the overburdened system. His plan would implement the use of GPS trackers for low-level offenders. This would release up to 75 offenders according to the Vanderburgh County Commission who approved the plan last month. The jail reached beyond capacity with 680 inmates. County judges and prosecutors have worked closely to determine which inmates would qualify for release on the GPS monitor. This conditional release would only apply to low-level, non-violent inmates.

Benefits of Release with GPS Monitoring

GPS tracking allows a judge, prosecutor, sheriff or probation department to monitor the movements of a particular offender. The device works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be used in conjunction with alcohol monitoring in the same device. The bracelet communicates with a base station and is waterproof and tamper resistant. An agency can request daily reports on any offenders and can customize inclusion and exclusion zones. The device can be used for both low-level and high-risk offenders. To learn more about GPS monitoring contact Diversified Monitoring and Recovery at 714-245-9910.