Tips for Staying Sober During Valentine’s Day

4 Things That May Help You Avoid Triggers on February 14th


Valentine’s Day is a little over a week away and while many people are figuring out what kind of chocolates to buy their significant other, some are thinking about how they will remain sober. Valentine’s Day as with other holidays can be triggering. There are, however, tips for abstaining from alcohol this February 14th.

1. Choose a Daytime Activity

Daytime activities are less likely to be centered around alcohol. Instead of going out to dinner, think about celebrating with a morning hike or taking your significant other out for coffee. Valentine’s does not have to include wine and cheese, it should be focused on spending time with loved ones. 

2. Be Honest With Loved Ones

It is ok to let your significant other or loved ones know that you are uncomfortable with going out on Valentine’s Day. You should not feel pressured to go to an event or dinner where alcohol will be served.

3. Celebrate at Home

Many people feel most comfortable at home where they can control the situation. If you need a little help avoiding triggers, plan to spend the night in the comfort of your living room where you know what will be served.

4. Go to the Movies

In lieu of staying home, you can opt for a date night that does not have to involve drinking. The movies are a great way to have fun without feeling like you have to drink. Other ideas include going to a skating rink, enjoying a play, or taking a walk at sunset.