Tennessee Woman Required to Wear Alcohol Monitor after DUI Crash that Killed Bus Driver

The now 27-year-old, Sarah Walker, has been required to wear an alcohol-monitoring device since her release from arrest in 2014.  Walker was arrested for DUI Manslaughter after she collided with a bus resulting in the death of the Florida High track team’s bus driver.  The crash caused the bus to leave the roadway and crash into a power pole.  Walker is currently in trial on the charges.  The jury is hearing evidence of her alleged impairment immediately after the crash but will not be able to hear what her blood alcohol level was soon after the crash.  Walker’s attorney successfully argued for it’s omission after citing that it could not be retested and that it would be unconstitutional to allow it in as evidence if the technician that tested it would not or could not testify.

The driver of the bus, William “Rusty” Fowler was standing in for the track team’s normal driver.  He was crushed after the bus collided with a power pole.  Three others were injured after the collision.  Walker was released on the condition that she does not drink while she awaits the conclusion of her trial.  Alcohol monitoring bracelets require complete sobriety.  Ms. Walker has been required to prove to the judge and prosecutors that she is complying with all terms of her release.