Tar Heel State Fights Jail Overcrowding with SCRAM Requirements

north-carolina-scramCounties across the nation are facing the same problem: jail overcrowding. Our county and local jails cannot keep up with the demand. Many are reaching nearly twice their recommended capacity and costing taxpayers millions to keep people incarcerated. Spartanburg County in North Carolina decided it was time to act. The Sheriff began using SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelets on alcohol offenders. When someone is detained or convicted of an alcohol related offense and they meet the requirements of the Spartanburg County’s Home Detention Program they are released from jail with an alcohol-monitoring device often coupled with house arrest or GPS monitoring.

All offenders are continuously monitored but they are able to still be productive members of society and are required to remain sober. Candidates must receive court approval, pass a background check and be a permanent resident of Spartanburg County. The program has seen great success and has ended up saving over a million dollars for the County. The jails are less crowded and participants in the program are held accountable for their actions. It is a win-win for everyone involved.