Spring Break DUI Statistics

The Deadly Truth Behind Spring Break Drinking

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, during Spring Break in 2019, there were 444 alcohol-related traffic accidents involving young adults. 11 people were killed and 27 were seriously injured. In order to combat this deadly problem, the Texas Department of Public Transportation launched a statewide campaign to remind people of the dangers of drinking and driving.

The Plan While You Can campaign serves as a public service announcement (PSA) for young adults and college students about the consequences of driving under the influence. Not only could you hurt yourself or someone else, but the campaign reminds people that driving under the influence can result in jail time, a fine of up to $17,000, and the loss of their driving privileges.

Texas along with agencies across the nation are reminding people to stay safe this Spring Break and to think twice before getting behind the wheel. Spring Breakers who are old enough to drink are encouraged to plan ahead by designating a sober driver, using mass transportation, or utilizing a rideshare app.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has launched a similar PSA “Spring Break: Never Drive Impaired.” Florida and Texas are two of the most popular Spring Break destinations. Coastal towns like South Padre Island in Texas and Daytona Beach in Florida offer pristine beaches and perfect weather, but law enforcement is reminding partygoers that they will be on the lookout for underage drinkers and people driving under the influence.