Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

Base Station and SCRAM Ankle Bracelet DeviceWe provide holistic and reliable solutions for varying needs. All in one device, The SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring™ bracelet, links the 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing feature with house confinement tracking. Transdermal meaning, “through the skin” is a means for substances to leave the body. The Transdermal Technology tests for alcohol when it excretes the skin. Every alert from the band includes an in-depth data analysis of the alert and breakdown the TAC (transdermal alcohol content) and BAC (blood alcohol content) readings.The SCRAM reinforces the concept of “Sober Days”. Because of the constant testing schedule, a person on the device must refrain from alcohol entirely.

The increasing number of homes with internet service correlates to the decreasing number of landline phone services. If you don’t have a “landline” phone we now offer base station connectivity equipped with Ethernet cables to continue and ensure communication from the bracelets to to our office. Meaning; if you have a router you will just need to connect an ethernet cable (that we give you) to it and your SCRAM device will communicate with it directly.

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