SCRAM GPS Bracelet Used to Deter Drunk Driving in Johnson County

johnson-county-kansasThe Johnson County Department of Corrections (DOC) is responsible for a wide range of jobs including monitoring adult and juvenile offenders. Offenders range from low risk individuals who have committed non-violent crimes to high-risk offenders including those facing domestic violence charges. Johnson County, Kansas is the largest county by population with more than 550,000 residents. The DOC monitors hundreds of individuals each day. In an effort to curtail alcohol abuse for those arrested for drunk driving and domestic violence, the DOC implemented a house arrest program.

The Johnson County Department of Corrections requires high-risk individuals who wish to complete their house arrest program to be monitored with SCRAM CAM bracelets. These alcohol-monitoring devices assure 24/7 sobriety for participants. The DOC is notified almost instantly of any violations. The bracelets serve a dual purpose allowing monitoring of alcohol consumption and of a participant’s exact location. The software has proven vital to the success of the program. The DOC has been able to track offenders with a system that provides location points every 15 seconds. The courts have continued to entrust the DOC with monitoring hundreds of offenders each day. The program has reduced the county’s jail overcrowding and has helped to keep the public safe.