SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitors Help Save Taxpayers Money

Courts across the country have begun using SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitors) CAM bracelets to monitor repeat alcohol offenders.   Collaborative courts such as those address drunk driving have seen lives changed with the required monitoring.  The device requires a participant to remain completely sober during the specified monitoring period.  Any alcohol consumption is immediately reported and handled through the courts.  In some cases, defendants face jail time or other consequences for failing to comply with the terms of their probation or court ordered requirement.

Courts such as the one in San Juan County, New Mexico has seen compliance rates of 99.3 percent.  This means that participants required to wear the device remain sober nearly 100% of the time.  In many cases, the required sobriety serves as a wake-up call.  Too many times people are unaware of their reliance or dependence on drugs and alcohol.  If they have multiple drunk driving or other alcohol-related offenses, there is likely a problem.  If they are solely punished for the crime and not given treatment for the underlying problem, they will likely end up in court again.  DUI recidivism is a huge problem.  SCRAM CAM bracelets have proven effective in deterring repeat drunk driving offenses.  The bracelets do not lie.  If someone is drinking during the monitoring period, the bracelet will show the consumption and the person will be held responsible.