SCRAM CAM used in San Joaquin County Courts to deter drinking and driving recidivism

san-joaquin-countyIn 2008, San Joaquin County introduced the San Joaquin DUI Monitoring Court (SJDMC) to combat the rising issue of alcohol related crashes and DUI arrests. Prior to 2008, San Joaquin had one of the highest drunk driving recidivism rates in the State due to little or no accountability being placed on 2nd and 3rd DUI offenders. The court has seen wide success with its 2-track system for monitoring repeat drunk drivers.

Involvement in SJDMC is mandatory for all 2nd or subsequent DUI Offenders. The program is broken into two tracks. The first is the “Accountability Track” and is where most participants fall. This track requires alcohol or drug monitoring through an ignition interlock device, portable breath testing or SCRAM bracelet. The defendant must appear in court and remain compliant with the terms of the track. The second track is known as the “Treatment Track.” The Treatment Track is reserved for those who cannot successfully complete Track 1 due to non-compliance or alcohol and drug dependency. This track is more intensive including inpatient and outpatient treatment as well as more intense alcohol and drug monitoring. Participants are required to appear in court frequently and with successful compliance are transferred back to Track 1.

The alcohol-monitoring component is crucial. It holds participants accountable, ensures sobriety and allows the court to keep tabs on those who may be struggling. The SJDMC has met with resounding success including the ultimate goal of lowering the number of repeat drunk driving offenders.