SCRAM CAM Technology Used in Nearly Every State

In the United States alone there are over 1 million drunk driving arrests each year.  This startling statistic shows there is a problem in every corner of the country.  SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring have helped to combat this issue.  By providing 24/7 alcohol monitoring, the device requires participants to abstain from alcohol.  Anything less than complete sobriety is reported to the monitoring agency and swift action is taken.

SCRAM technology can be court ordered or used on a voluntary basis.  The device has helped to reduce DUI recidivism throughout some of the areas most affected by drunk driving.  Many jurisdictions have begun requiring repeat DUI/DWI offenders to wear the continuous alcohol monitoring device.  This requirement has helped to reduce the chances that a person will be re-arrested for drunk driving in a short period by requiring sobriety throughout the monitoring period.

The problem of drunk driving has led to the establishment of more DUI/DWI courts throughout the United States.  These courts are designed specifically to tackle repeat drunk driving offenders.  These collaborative courts often focus on the “therapeutic jurisprudence model” in the hopes of addressing the underlying dependence on alcohol and drugs.  These problem-solving courts usually involve alcohol and drug supervision and monitoring in conjunction with substance abuse counseling and other court requirements.