SCRAM CAM Technology and the 24-7 Sobriety Program

Counties across the nation have begun to look at alcohol-related crimes in a new way.  Jurisdictions have implemented Drug and DUI courts geared toward addressing the underlying problem of addiction and abuse of drugs and alcohol instead of perpetuating the revolving criminal court door.  The 24-7 Sobriety Program out of South Dakota has garnered national attention for its unique approach to alcohol abuse.  The 24-7 Sobriety Program uses technology like the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Ankle Bracelet, drug patch testing and ignition interlock devices to monitor alcohol and drug use during a given compliance period.  The compliance period is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and requires complete sobriety.  Any instance of drug or alcohol use is immediately reported and handled through the monitoring agency.

Programs such as the 24-7 Sobriety Program have helped countless defendants maintain sobriety even after the mandated period.  It helps participants maintain employment and a normal family life while dealing with the criminal matter at hand.  The programs are geared toward treatment instead of purely punishment.  The constant alcohol and drug monitoring helps participants stay accountable and ensures community safety.  Alcohol monitoring through the SCRAM CAM bracelet can be done almost anywhere and courts across the country and the world have taken notice.  SCRAM CAM technology has been used to monitor over 600,000 individuals and is growing every year.