SCRAM CAM Bracelets Help Limit Close Contact

Clay County Finds Help Flattening the Curve with Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

As reported by Plain Talk, Clay County is doing its part to help flatten the curve as the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads throughout the country. The Clay County Courthouse offers hand sanitizer to people as they enter and exit the courthouse. The County has asked people to help by limiting in-person visits to offices and to “hold-off on non-essential business.” In the courthouse they continuously clean surfaces and ask for people to practice social distancing.

The coronavirus has changed the way people live and county services are no different. Clay County is keeping all essential services running but is limiting the in-person interactions and asking the public to stay at home or seek medical treatment if sick. The way departments handle everyday business has changed. Since it is a very fluid situation, nothing is ruled completely out. For instance, jail visitations may cease in the future but remain open for now.

In addition to changes at the sheriff’s department and the local jail, the way people are being monitored is changing too. In an effort to limit exposure to essential personnel, twice daily breath testing has been “discontinued” from the 24/7 sobriety program. “All participants have been transitioned to other forms of monitoring…such as the Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) bracelets which limits exposure to a much smaller degree and eliminates the forceful exhalation that the breath test requires.”

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