SCRAM and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department

Detroit, Michigan is the county seat to the most populous county in the State.  It is one of the largest cities in the United States and has the distinct statistic of having an extraordinary number of drunk driving arrests.  The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department decided to do something about the staggering number of DUI arrests and drunk driving related accidents.  Over 7 years ago, the sheriff’s department decided to try equipping high-risk DUI offenders with SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitors.  The program requires complete sobriety during the monitoring period.  Any instances of alcohol consumption are immediately reported and could result in mandatory jail time.

The SCRAM program has had a huge impact on Wayne County.  It not only reduced the number of those incarcerated in one of the largest jails in Michigan but also saw a success rate of over 99% with offenders remaining sober during their required monitoring.  The program has saved taxpayers millions of dollars and helped defendants to maintain sobriety long after the end of their court case.   SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to stay out of jail and away from alcohol.  Over 1600 jurisdictions have used SCRAM CAM technologies.