Santa Cruz County SCRAM Provider

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in Santa Cruz County

SCRAM CAM offers Continuous alcohol monitoring for clients in Santa Cruz County. The SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device is an ankle bracelet worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a given period. During the monitoring period, the device tests for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes eliminating missed or delayed tests.

The SCRAM Cam device is revolutionary, offering state-of-the-art technology. The device can fit discreetly under most pant legs and allows for participants to continue with normal activities while wearing it. The device can be worn in the shower and is tamper-resistant. The innovative alcohol monitoring solution is now available throughout Santa Cruz county.

SCRAM Santa Cruz: The Process

As alcohol is consumed the body begins a process of eliminating and absorbing the toxin. Around 20% of the alcohol is absorbed in the stomach and the rest is absorbed in the small intestine where it enters the bloodstream. Alcohol then travels throughout the body where it is eventually metabolized in the liver. The alcohol that is not metabolized in the liver is excreted through urine, breath, or sweat.

Just as you can test the alcohol that is excreted through the breath, you can test the alcohol that is excreted through the skin. Known as transdermal alcohol testing, the alcohol released in the sweat can give an accurate portrayal of a person’s consumption.  

SCRAM CAM: The Technology

SCRAM stands for secure, continuous alcohol monitoring. The device and equipment can be installed in a matter of minutes. It works by testing the sweat naturally excreted from the skin. The device tests for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes, removing gaps or delays in testing. Individuals are also unable to skip tests or drink between tests.

The technology behind the device encourages sobriety, accountability, and compliance. The device boasts a 99.4 compliance rate and is used by over 1600 jurisdictions. It is court-approved, scientifically validated, and supports long-term behavior change.


Advantages of Using SCRAM in Santa Cruz

The SCRAM CAM device can be used as an effective alternative to incarceration. It allows clients to remain productive by keeping them out of jail. Participants are able to work, go to school, and take care of their families throughout their monitoring period.

The device can also be paired with optional house arrest for hardcore offenders. It has been proven effective for reducing drunk driving recidivism by ensuring that clients are held accountable for their sobriety. Courts and supervising agencies can rest assured that participants are compliant. The device offers tamper-resistant technology that alerts to attempts to remove, disable, damage, or obstruct the device.

Reliable Results, Court Approved

SCRAM in Santa Cruz County can be used for low- and high-level offenders. The SCRAM CAM device and systems provide rigorous data analysis and are less intrusive than blood or urine testing. Common uses for the SCRAM CAM bracelet include monitoring for alcohol offenses, family court cases, and domestic violence.

Over 800,000 clients have been monitored with the SCRAM CAM device. On average, clients spend approximately 107 days on the program. Over 4.2 billion alcohol tests have been performed with clients having provable sober days on over 99% of those tested.

SCRAM Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shower while using the SCRAM CAM device?

Yes, participants are able to shower normally while using the SCRAM CAM device in Santa Cruz. Wearers should not completely submerge the SCRAM device in water either for bathing or swimming.

Are there any products that cannot be used while wearing the SCRAM CAM device?

Clients are provided a list of banned products that should not be used in the area around the bracelet. While the device can differentiate between environmental alcohol and consumed alcohol, it is important to avoid exposing the bracelet to products that contain the substance. Individuals would also not use alcohol-based soaps, perfumes, or other household products.

How do I clean the device?

The only thing that should be used to clean the skin around the device is alcohol-free soap and water.

Could medical conditions affect the test results of the SCRAM CAM device?

It is important to inform the monitoring agent of any medical conditions. A person with sensitive skin may develop a slight rash or irritation while wearing the device.

Can I remove the device?

Attempts to remove the device will be reported to the supervising or monitoring agency and may be seen as non-compliance. Only a trained professional should remove the device once the monitoring period has expired.

Can I consume any alcohol while wearing the device?

The device can detect even low levels of alcohol consumption. If you have been ordered to abstain from alcohol or are trying to show accountability for your sobriety, you should not consume any alcohol. All confirmed drinking incidents will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Getting SCRAM CAM Installed in Santa Cruz County

Installation for a SCRAM continuous alcohol monitor takes only minutes. A person will need wi-fi, a landline, or an ethernet connection so that the device can communicate with the base station. Today, there are more options available than ever, ensuring that more clients in Santa Cruz County and throughout the country can utilize SCRAM CAM technology.

Get Confidence in Alcohol Testing Results

Courts, probation, and law enforcement can rest assured that test results are accurate with SCRAM CAM. The science behind the technology is peer-reviewed and thoroughly researched. It automatically samples a person’s alcohol consumption providing a detailed analysis of the person’s driving event.

SCRAM in Santa Cruz County has around-the-clock customer support, helping ensure that clients are maintaining their sobriety throughout the duration of their monitoring period. Alerts are reviewed by trained experts to ensure that there are no false drinking reports.

The SCRAM CAM device is not only for people who have been charged with a crime but also for those dealing with addiction or reliance on alcohol. Individuals who are unable to stop drinking on their own are strongly encouraged to consider continuous alcohol monitoring.