Santa Clara County offers Alcohol Monitoring Bracelet in Pretrial Services

Santa Clara County, in an effort to reduce overcrowding in their jail system, established a Pretrial Services department which will allow participants to be released from custody while they await completion of their court case.  Their release can be conditional.  The county received a $50,000 to educate residents about the Office of Pretrial Services and the programs that they offer including electronic monitoring with an ankle bracelet.  Those released without bail will could be placed under supervision and required to undergo routine drug and alcohol monitoring supervised by the Pretrial Services department.

The campaign hopes to educate those arrested for low-level crimes about their options.  County officials believe that around 2600 inmates will benefit from the program.  Alcohol monitoring bracelets such as the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device help hold participants accountable by requiring complete sobriety throughout the monitoring period.  The device tests sweat that is naturally excreted through the skin.  This transdermal technology can detect alcohol consumption in individuals, showing when and how much was consumed.  The bracelets are used throughout the country to monitor defendants awaiting completion of their case and post-conviction.