San Bernardino Launches GPS Monitoring Pilot Program

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department in collaboration with the Cal State San Bernardino Reentry Initiative (CSRI) has announced the launch of a new pilot program that will help inmates integrate into society.  The Sheriff’s Parole Reintegration Pilot Program is designed to make the transition easier for inmates.  The program is an effort to stop the cyclical nature of low-risk, repeat offenders.  12 inmates were selected for the initial program.  They will be allowed to go to work and remain out of custody.  Each inmate must wear a GPS Monitoring device at all times and submit to any additional requirements imposed by the program.  The ultimate goal is to alleviate overcrowded jails and reduce recidivism in the county.

Participants in the program must meet certain criteria and have to meet with a case manager regularly.  They are required to attend classes through CSRI and submit to regular drug testing.  The program has a zero-tolerance policy.  If a participant fails to follow requirements set forth by their case manager or has a positive drug test they are immediately removed from the program and placed back into custody.  Within the first few months of the program, the county has already seen success. Proponents hope to see inmates getting out and getting jobs instead of continuing to repeat offenses and landing back in jail.  Through the collaboration with CSRI, the Sheriff’s Department is able to have inmates attend job readiness courses as well as substance abuse classes.  The idea is that with structured supervision and a community effort, participants will assimilate easily back into society.