Riverside SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring Services in Riverside County

Diversified Monitoring Systems is proud to offer alcohol monitoring services in Riverside County. DMS has provided SCRAM Services since 2002. These services include SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, home confinement, GPS location monitoring, drug patch and remote breath testing. DMS is dedicated to assisting those with underlying drug and alcohol addictions. The alcohol monitoring technology offered by DMS is court-validated, industry leading, peer-reviewed technology that monitors participants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Participants are required to remain sober for a specified length of time, on average 98 days. Sober days on the device are provable, quantifiable days that are measured with proven fuel cell technology.

How SCRAM Works

The SCRAM CAM device is an ankle bracelet worn on a participant’s ankle. The device measures alcohol that is excreted through the skin through imperceptible perspiration. Every 30 minutes the monitor runs a test which is stored until the unit is connected with a base station located at the participant’s home. The base station then communicates with Diversified Monitoring Systems to provide a downloadable, printable report for prosecutors, judges, probation officers or law enforcement.

The device is tamper-resistant and has an industry-leading .08% or less False Positive Rate. This means that jurisdictions using the SCRAM device have a verifiable false positive rate which an analyst to testify in court to the science behind the device and its accuracy. The report delivery system regarding alcohol consumption of any participant is concise, transparent and reliable. There is little room for error. SCRAM devices are required to be calibrated similar to court approved breath testing technology. This provides accurate, controlled results. The device is now used by over 1600 courts and jurisdictions throughout the country and across the world with proven success.

Reducing Riverside DUI Offenses

SCRAM technology has been proven to reduce DUI recidivism rates by requiring accountability and compliance in participants. Those required to wear the alcohol monitoring device must remain completely sober or face serious consequences imposed by the court including jail time. Participants are able to remain productive members of society while abstaining from alcohol. In many cases alcohol-related offenses are not committed by hardened criminals but whether by those that have an underlying issue with drugs or alcohol. The SCRAM device ensures that a participant is not drinking and thus not drinking and driving. If a person does violate an order to abstain from alcohol, a report is generated quickly for the court, prosecutor or law enforcement agency monitoring the participant.

Convenient, Reliable Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol monitoring has never been more effective. The SCRAM bracelet is convenient and easy-to-use. The device is small enough to be worn under most pant legs. Clients are able to shower while wearing the alcohol monitor and must only abstain from completely submerging the device in water. The device is worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making missed tests a thing of the past. The monitor tests for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes. While testing the monitor emits a slight vibration that most users report getting used to within the first day.

A participant is given a scheduled time to download the testing information from the ankle bracelet to the base station located in their home. To download the information, the participant must be within 30 feet of the base station during the scheduled time. The base station then communicates via an Ethernet cable, landline or wireless connection. Any alcohol consumption is displayed in a detailed report.

The latest SCRAM technology allows for a participant to be monitored for both alcohol consumption and home confinement in the same device with the simple click of a switch. This makes the device convenient for both low- and high-risk offenders.

Other Riverside Drug and Alcohol Monitoring Services

Diversified Monitoring Services offers several other services in addition to SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring including GPS Location Monitoring, Remote Breath and the Drug Patch.

Riverside GPS Location Monitoring

The SCRAM GPS Device offers location monitoring in a convenient ankle bracelet. The monitor provides analytics that reports up to 30 days of GPS data into easy-to-use and understand maps. The maps detail a participant’s movements with the use of Google Maps and Google Info software. Law enforcement can quickly locate an individual with real-time transmission. The monitor offers a 50-hour battery life and industry-leading tamper-resistant strap that reduces the possibility for false alerts.

Remote Breath Testing

The SCRAM Remote Breath tester provides state-of-the-art alcohol testing in a single, portable device. The monitor is equipped with automatic facial recognition and GPS location for every test. The device is easy-to-use and provides immediate results.

Drug Patch

Drug testing has never been easier or more accurate. The Drug Patch is a transdermal testing unit that measures drug use through perspiration excreted through a participant’s skin. The Patch can be used to detect a number of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, PCP, meth and amphetamines. The revolutionary drug patch eliminates the need for urine samples, providing a non-invasive option for accurate drug testing.

Why Choose SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

The SCRAM CAM device is proven science that is peer-reviewed and court-validated. The Riverside Superior Court requires accurate, reliable results that hold offenders accountable for their sobriety. The SCRAM device delivers and has been proven to be the most effective tool for monitoring alcohol consumption. The device works well for low-risk offenders that may simply need a “wake-up call” as well as high-risk offenders that have a serious addiction to alcohol. The alcohol monitor is designed to help people succeed in their sobriety and reduce alcohol-related offenses in Riverside County and throughout the nation.

SCRAM has proven success. The device has been used in numerous courts and jurisdictions to help reduce drunk driving and other alcohol-related crimes that have plagued our criminal justice system. Many courts have found that participants who have completed SCRAM requirements in conjunction with alcohol treatment are more successful than those that have gone through normal punishment including high fines, license suspension and even jail time.

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