Reno County to Use GPS Location Monitoring Bracelets on Juvenile Offenders

The Reno County Community Corrections received a federal grant to assist in monitoring juvenile offenders with drug and alcohol problems.  The Reno County Commission approved a l contract for the Corrections department to begin leasing the GPS Monitors.  The contract is significantly less and can be offered at no cost to the defendant or their family.  The GPS location monitors will be used to monitor juvenile offenders’ in-home detention.  The service fee for the device is minimal and covered under the federal grant.  Prior to the grant, house arrest was only available at a cost to the offender or their family which discouraged many from using the program.

The federal grant will also be used to buy sweat patches to monitor drug offenders and place adults in sober living houses.  Under the grant, 13 adult offenders will have their first month at the sober living house covered as well as 50 drug patches.   The drug patch is worn by offenders 24 hours a day for up to 10 days and can detect more drug than any urine test.  The corrections department further hopes to help inmates obtain their high school equivalency degrees or GEDs and offer classes to female inmates.