SCRAM Remote Breath

Remote Breath Features/Benefits

scram-rb-caseOur SCRAM Remote Breath™ is a handheld portable breath alcohol device with facial recognition and GPS at every test. This is the most flexible option in breath alcohol testing for lower-risk offenders. This device is also good for people who travel for a living.
  • Automatic Facial Recognition
  • GPS location during the test
  • Client reminders and notifications by text
  • One piece, handheld device
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Immediate notification of breath reading
The Automated Facial Intelligence (AFI) feature is a government security grade facial recognition software that involves intelligent bio confirmation. The automated photo matching component not only provides significant reductions in the manual review of photos by 90-95%, but also cuts down staff time required to confirm identities. Call 714-245-9910