Recent DUI Crashes in Southern California

Drunk Driving Accidents From San Diego to Los Angeles


Earlier this month, two people were killed when a suspected drunk driver was fleeing from police, according to ABC 7 News. The fatal drunk driving accident occurred on Saturday, April 2 in Rialto. The pursuit originally began in Colton near the 10 Freeway. The vehicle headed through Fontana before crashing into a 2019 Nissan with two people inside. The occupants of the Nissan were killed in the accident. A passenger in the driver’s vehicle was also injured in the crash.

The Rialto crash is just the latest in a long line of drunk driving accidents. Driving under the influence claims thousands of lives each year. An estimated 10,000 people die as a result of impaired driving each year. 

Another deadly accident happened only weeks earlier in Carlsbad. As reported by NBC San Diego, a suspected drunk driver drove through a construction zone before colliding with another vehicle. Several people were injured in the accident and one person was killed. The crash occurred on the I-5 under the La Costa Avenue bridge on March 23.

Finally, a suspected drunk driver stopped traffic on Pacific Coast Highway for hours after striking a power pole along the scenic route. According to ABC 7, the crash occurred in Malibu on March 14, 2022, causing gridlock on the popular road. Luckily there were no injuries as a result of the accident, but the driver was arrested for DUI.

These are only a few of the recent drunk driving accidents in Southern California over the past few weeks. Law enforcement warns of a drastic uptick in the number of DUI-related crashes throughout the state and reminds individuals to “drive sober or get pulled over.”