Pennsylvania’s Senate Bill 773 Aimed at Repeat Drunk Drivers

Known as “Deana’s Law” SB 773 would require Repeat DUI Offenders to wear Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Bracelets

Pennsylvania Senator Thomas H. Killion has sponsored a bill aimed at repeat DUI offenders.  Known as “Deana’s Law,” Senate Bill 773 would “substantially increase penalties for those who have multiple DUI convictions and target offenders who repeatedly drive frunk with high Blood Alcohol Content levels in their system.”  The bill is named for Deana Eckman who was tragically killed when her vehicle was struck by a highly intoxicated drunk driver.  The crash that killed Deana resulted in the driver’s sixth DUI arrest.

The bill which has already garnered significant support sits in the transportation committee.  It would provide for ignition interlock and vehicle impoundment requirements for repeat DUI offenders.  In addition, those with multiple drunk driving convictions would be required to serve a consecutive sentence of jail time in lieu of a concurrent sentence.  Finally, the bill would require an offender with two or more prior offenses to be fitted with a continuous alcohol monitoring device.    “Deana’s Law” puts an emphasis on reducing drunk driving recidivism by enforcing stricter penalties for multiple offenses and high blood alcohol contents.  The hope is to limit the number of people that are injured or killed by drunk drivers across the nation.  Devices like the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device help to ensure that high-risk offenders are maintaining their sobriety.  Studies show that continuous alcohol monitoring combined with swift sanctions for non-compliance are the most effective way to reduce repeat drunk driving offenses.