Pennsylvania Bill Tackles Repeat DUI Offenders

New PA Bill Requiring Alcohol Monitoring for Repeat Offenders Moves to Senate

Pennsylvania House Bill 916 is moving to the Senate.  Representative Todd Stephens introduced legislation aimed at Reducing Recidivism for DUI Offenders.  The bill would “authorize courts to require an alcohol monitoring device as a condition of bail for repeat offenders.”  The bill passed the house and is moving to the senate for approval.

Under the bill, courts would be allowed to require repeat drunk driving offenders to wear a “continuous alcohol monitoring device.”  The device automatically tests for the presence of alcohol every 30 minutes through sweat that is excreted on the skin.  In addition, courts could require remote breath testing and random drug testing depending on the circumstances of the case.

The bill is aimed at reducing DUI recidivism.  According to a House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda sent by sponsoring Representative Stephens indicates “Recidivism rates for repeat DUI offenders who wore a device for at least 90 days are 50% less than those who were alternatively sentenced.”

Studies show that continuous alcohol monitoring with immediate sanctions for non-compliance is one of the most effective ways to deter repeat drunk drivers.  Devices like the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM CAM) are tamper resistant.  Any attempts to disable the device or tamper with testing are reported and handled by the court or monitoring agent.  The device allows people to live normally and are easily hidden under most pant legs.  States across the country have begun implementing continuous alcohol monitoring for repeat DUI offenders in an effort to deter drunk driving.