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SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in Orange County

Secured, Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring is the most efficient way to monitor pre-trial and post conviction clients in Orange County as well as those who may have an underlying addiction to alcohol. The new SCRAM CAM bracelet provides 24-hour monitoring that requires complete sobriety while being worn. The bracelet tests for alcohol consumption through sweat that is excreted off the skin. The sweat is constant and undetectable without the advanced technology of the alcohol monitor. Participants are required to wear the bracelet for an average of 98 days. During this time the monitor tests every 30 minutes with a nearly imperceptible transmission. The device lets off a small vibration during testing that most people get used to within the first day. As alcohol metabolizes through the system some is excreted through perspiration. The SCRAM CAM bracelet detects alcohol with fuel cell technology that has been proven effective.

Orange County Superior Courts and other jurisdictions rely on the proven technology behind the SCRAM CAM bracelet. The bracelet has been court-validated and used in numerous pretrial and post conviction cases for alcohol related offenses. Positive alcohol incidents reported by the bracelet are reviewed by a trained analyst. False positives using the device are extremely rare. The SCRAM CAM device proudly boasts an industry-leading false positive rate of .074%. One of the most innovative features of the bracelet is its tamper-resistant technology that uses infrared and temperature monitoring to detect attempts at removal or falsification.

Why SCRAM is effective in Orange County and across the nation

SCRAM technology has been proven effective with the billions of alcohol readings conducted across the nation. Over 2 billion alcohol readings have been completed by SCRAM CAM technologies. Participants are able to conceal the device below most pant legs. They can complete most normal activities including taking a shower. The main exception is that they are unable to completely submerge the device in water. Now with increased connectivity a participant can comply with reporting requirements via a landline, Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi. The bracelet communicates with a base station that is located in the participant’s home. During a designated period, a client must be within 30 feet of the base station for the bracelet to download the stored tests.

Courts, law enforcement and prosecutors rely on the accuracy and continuous alcohol testing that requires participants to remain sober. Transdermal testing means that there is little room for tampering or falsifying reports. Alcohol incidents are able to be distinguished between consumed alcohol and outside components. Reported incidents are displayed in easy-to-understand reports that can show how alcohol was consumed every half hour. The SCRAM CAM bracelet is ideal for high-risk and low-risk offenders. It can be converted to include house arrest monitoring with the flip of a switch.

How Orange County SCRAM Technology Works

The science behind the SCRAM CAM technology has been peer-reviewed and court-validated. It uses fuel cell technology to measure the amount of alcohol excreted through perspiration on the skin. The continuous testing means that a person cannot manipulate alcohol consumption to “sober up” before their next breath test. Complete sobriety is required. The technology has been proven effective with 99.3% of monitored SCRAM days being sober days (a provable 24 hours of sobriety).

A participant does not need to go to a testing facility – a huge benefit for many clients who face license suspensions or restrictions because of alcohol-related convictions. They also do not need special installation of a landline or other technology to use the device. With the increased connectivity available through Diversified Monitoring Systems, a participant can comply with reporting requirements through an Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi or an existing landline. Missed test excuses are eliminated with the portable alcohol monitoring device.

Testing gaps are also a thing of the past. SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is just that Continuous Alcohol Monitoring. The device tests for alcohol consumption every ½ hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The added benefit of being able to include home curfew monitoring in the same device makes the bracelet ideal for high-risk offenders.

Going beyond the arrest or conviction, How SCRAM helps

While over 1600 courts and jurisdictions now use SCRAM CAM technology, the biggest benefits come to the participants who are required to wear the device. No matter what the initial reason for the alcohol monitoring requirement, participants report a healthy, positive outlook after wearing the device. The sober days help many to see that they are dealing with an underlying addiction to alcohol. The community as a whole is benefited by the proven reduction in drunk driving recidivism rates across the nation when alcohol monitoring is required.

Other Orange County Alcohol and Drug Monitoring

In addition to the SCRAM CAM device, Diversified Monitoring Systems also offers a number of alcohol and drug monitoring options in Orange County including: the drug patch, remote alcohol breath testing, and GPS location monitoring.

Orange County Drug Testing with the Drug Patch

The Drug Patch is a revolutionary transdermal testing patch that detects drugs in a person’s system. The Patch tests drug consumption through imperceptible perspiration excreted on the skin. It can test for a number of drugs including marijuana, phencyclidine, cocaine, opiates and methamphetamine. The patch contains an absorbent pad which is tested for drug consumption and only needs to be done every 10 days.
Remote Alcohol Breath Testing

The SCRAM Remote Breath device is a portable alcohol screening monitor that includes automatic facial recognition. The remote alcohol breath testing also includes GPS location in a handheld device that is easy to use. The device provides text notifications to remind clients of testing requirements.

Orange County GPS Location Monitoring

DMS provides the latest GPS location monitoring in a portable, convenient ankle monitor. The device is equipped with an industry-leading strap design that is tamper resistant eliminating most false alerts. Reports can be generated daily using easy-to-read, familiar maps that detail a participant’s exact location. The bracelet has over 40 hours of battery life and is small enough to be hidden under most pant legs.
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