Options Program

Jose Luis Marron, CATC-II
Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor

Taylor Dickinson, LMFT
Group and Individual Therapist

Pedro Jose Melendez,
BA Correctional Counseling
Group and Individual Counselor

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At Options Outpatient we incorporate many different tools and resources to monitor our clients.

Alcohol Monitoring

Ankle Bracelet – Our SCRAM device tests for alcohol every 30 minutes through transdermal skin testing and the information gets uploaded to our system automatically daily.

Remote Breath

We offer handheld portable remote breathalyzer devices that can be customized to ask a person to do a breath test as often as needed. It is typically used for clients that travel and are low risk offenders. This unit also incorporates GPS at the time of the breath test.

Ankle Bracelet with Home Confinement

At the flip of a switch we can setup our scram ankle bracelets to include a “Home Confinement” component for those clients that need a little closer monitoring.

Drug Patch

Our Transdermal Drug Patch uses sweat to determine if there drugs in a persons system. It is a good alternative to urine sampling and only needs to be done every 10 days. The patch is able to detect the “parent” drug as well as the drug metabolite which makes it much easier to determine which drug was used. The Patch is able to detect; marijuana, cocaine, PCP, meth and amphetamines.


Clients are required to attend and participate in group counseling sessions every week. All clients will be required to participate in individual counseling sessions after their initial assessment and enrollment in the program. All counselors are license marriage and family counselors with specialty in addiction, substance abuse, and recovery.


Most clients will be required to attend 2 AA classes per week. We feel that seeing others in your same situation is positive and AA has proven to be a great tool toward one’s sobriety.

Additional and Optional Services

GPS, Urine Analysis, Hair Follicle Testing, Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes, Anger Management Classes, Petty Theft Classes, Life Skills Classes, Behavior Modification Classes, Domestic Violence Classes, Victim Impact Panel DUI&Drug Related, Victim Impact Panel DUI&Drug Related II, Driving & Traffic Offense Classes. (These options may incur additional cost)

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