Ohio Probation to keep people out of Jail with help from SCRAM

Overcrowded jails are a problem common to nearly every county in the United States. Ohio is no exception.  The probation department at Findlay Municipal Court decided enough was enough and took matters into their own hands.  GPS trackers and alcohol monitors available through the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelet help to keep defendants accountable while keeping the Hancock County Jail from being too crowded.  In addition to the SCRAM bracelet, the probation department has started to use drug patches for those arrested on drug charges.

Chief probation officer Dave Beach decided to test the SCRAM device prior to implementing them at the court.  He wore the bracelet at this daughter’s softball game, attracting some stares from the other families in attendance at the indoor gym.  After a successful run, Beach, who is also the director of court services, decided to try them out.  The units have been successful.  Beach has ordered more to keep up with the demand from the courts.  Most defendants pay out of pocket for their device, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars.  Those that can’t afford the device are allowed to petition the Findlay Municipal Court.  All across the country, over 1600 jurisdictions have joined the fight against alcohol related offenses, reducing drunk driving recidivism and other crimes with the help of the SCRAM bracelet.