Diversified Monitoring – Offender-Funded Program

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DMS Providing Defendant-Paid Monitoring

In an effort to ease jail overcrowding and significantly reduce the burden on taxpayers, Diversified Monitoring now offers an offender-funded program.  Defendants pay for their monitoring fee based on their income level.  The price is structured based on a sliding scale.  Offenders are required to submit income verification, which enables a highly-trained case manager to determine the appropriate fee for monitoring, saving taxpayers not only the cost of incarceration but also the cost of monitoring.

Increasing Accountability Through Offender-Funded Monitoring

Requiring a defendant to pay for their monitoring not only relieves the court and taxpayer of the cost, but it also increases accountability.  An offender is more likely to remain compliant when they are covering the cost of monitoring.  Corrections department and law enforcement agencies throughout the State have seen a dramatic reduction of costs and an increase in compliance.


DMS takes into account that individuals have financial challenges and handles each offender on a case-by-case situation.  The financial assessment of an offender is done by a qualified case manager and is kept strictly confidential.  Offender-funded monitoring is designed to ease the burden on law enforcement agencies while increasing the accountability of the individual.  It is not intended to bankrupt an offender.  The sliding-scale helps to reduce the financial burden on an individual and keep costs within reason based on their income.

Low-income Offenders

In certain circumstances, low-income offenders may qualify for a subsidized program to help offset the costs of monitoring.  DMS also works with law enforcement and corrections agencies to determine if offender-funded programs are reasonable for their demographic.  In many cases, the cost can be shared between an agency and an individual to make it a feasible and effective solution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

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