Non-Alcoholic Drink Market Sees Significant Increase

Why Alcohol-Free Beverages Are Taking Stores By Storm


According to a report by Yahoo!News, non-alcoholic beverage sales are up, way up. A study by Fior Markets estimates that the market could reach $1.7 trillion according to the report. 

Headlines about pandemic drinking have now been released by a sober movement. Several companies are now offering non-alcoholic versions of their cocktails and other companies are new to the industry.

Good News for Non-Drinkers 

Non-drinkers now have more options than ever before. Once upon a time, people wishing to have a non-alcoholic beverage were limited to soda, juice, water, and a handful of non-alcoholic beers. Today, dozens of options line the shelves. 

Whether you are interested in an alcohol-free beer or a non-alcoholic cocktail, you have plenty to choose from. There is even a non-alcoholic champagne option available for festive occasions. 

Why Now?

As the Pandemic looms into the third year, many people have taken stock of the “new normal.” What was once considered acceptable because of the unprecedented times that we were all living in, is now difficult to justify for years on end. 

It is important to note that many people reported heavier drinking during 2020 and 2021. Heavy drinking over a short amount of time (binge drinking) or over an extended period is dangerous and can lead to significant health problems. If you are unable to cut back or stop drinking completely, you may need help. There are options for treatment.