New Mexico Joins Fight Against Drunk Drivers with SCRAM Device Requirement

The Third Judicial Drug Court invested $25,000 in an alcohol and drug monitoring program utilizing SCRAM CAM technology.  The alcohol monitoring devices are already being used across the state with many counties seeing an over 98% compliance rate.  Participants in the program will avoid jail time by wearing the device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a set monitoring period.  During the monitoring period participants must remain completely sober, any alcohol consumption or detection of tampering results in the defendant being returned to court.  The Adult Drug Court works to deter future criminal behavior through a combination of judicial supervision, intensive treatment, on-going drug testing, incentives, sanctions and case management.

Throughout the state jurisdictions are finding that programs which monitor alcohol consumption save taxpayers money by keeping defendants out of jail.  Participants are able to continue working and stay productive members of society.  The program works hard to prevent drunk driving recidivism.  The SCRAM CAM program is being utilized by over 1600 jurisdictions across the country.  Most programs report an over 98% compliance rate meaning that participants remain sober for the vast majority of their compliance period.