New Florida Law Makes it a Felony to Remove Court Ordered Electronic Monitoring Device

florida-state-signHB 75 was recently signed into law in Florida making removal of a court ordered electronic monitoring device a third-degree felony in the State. GPS Monitoring devices have long since been used to track domestic violence offenders out on probation. The tracking provides peace of mind for victims and their families, but until recently offenders could remove the devices with little repercussion until a judge signed a new order. Now judges have the ability to enforce their original orders.   Law enforcement can immediately act if alerted to a suspect’s tampering or removal of the device. The new law hopes to protect victims and the public-at-large.

Electronic Monitoring in California

Diversified Monitoring and Recovery is proud to offer GPS and Alcohol Monitoring for all of California. DMS provides pre-sentenced home confinement monitoring for those awaiting trial and alcohol monitoring in pre- or post convictions cases. Electronic monitoring has proven invaluable in criminal cases. It is beneficial for not only the offender, but also for the public. Bracelets are waterproof and immediately notify the company of any tampering or removal of the device. New technology allows the devices to communicate through cellular devices instead of the traditional landline connection. To find out more about SCRAM bracelets or electronic monitoring contact DMS today at 714-245-9910.