New Concerns with Wide Federal Approval to Sell Powdered Alcohol

Palcohol® or powdered alcohol was recently approved by the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). While some senators fought to create a ban on the product, the TTB approved sale of the substance in March. The powdered alcohol mix is advertised as “Safer than liquid alcohol,” however these claims seem to meet grave concern.

powdered-alcoholMany people fear that the ease and transportability of the powdered substance will make it easier for people underage to sneak alcohol. The substance is designed to be compact, allegedly invented by a hiker who wanted an alcoholic beverage that wouldn’t increase the weight of his pack. Law enforcement and others also fear the potential for an increase in alcohol poisoning if people mix the substance with liquid alcohol instead of the recommended water or soda.

Powdered alcohol has already been banned in several states, however not all states have jumped on board. Governor Ducey of Arizona vetoed a bill to ban powdered alcohol. Opposition to banning the substance site a number of reasons including that banning the product is a limit to your freedom of choice. Palcohol contends that legislators trying to ban powdered alcohol should ban all alcohol if they claim that public safety is an issue. They also suggest that banning the product could make a heightened demand for the substance and therefore make it easier for a child to obtain. Palcohol also argues that powdered alcohol is actually harder to misuse than liquid alcohol since it is not super concentrated and it is more expensive than liquid alcohol.

It will be interesting to see how the availability and potential regulation of powdered alcohol affects underage drinking and even drunk driving. Only time will tell. There are adamant supporters and opposition to the substance, but for now production and distribution is in the works.

One thing is certain, whether it is in liquid or powdered form people will still abuse alcohol. Understanding the problem is the first step. If you or a family member suffers from alcohol or drug addiction, seek help immediately. Diversified Monitoring Systems offers a range of options to help those with addiction. From SCRAM bracelets to the Drug Patch, we are here to help. Call our offices at 714-245-9910.