Mississippi Sees Higher Number of Deaths Over Labor Day Holiday

Despite Pandemic, Traffic-Fatalities Increase During Labor Day


According to WTOK ABC 11, the Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) reported a higher number of fatal motor vehicle crashes during the 2020 Labor Day Holiday compared with the previous year. As noted in the article, the MHP issued “nearly 9,500 citations” throughout the enforcement period. Of those citations:

  • 184 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrests were made
  • 519 seat belt citations were issued, and
  • 110 child restraint violations were issued.

During the Labor Day enforcement period, there were “121 motor vehicle crashes investigated.” These crashes resulted in 47 injuries and 7 fatalities. Per the reporting, the deaths were higher this year than during the same time period last year.

Labor Day is a notoriously dangerous holiday on American roadways. On average, the Labor Day holiday ranks as the second or third most deadly timeframe for motor vehicle crashes. Drunk driving contributes to a large portion of these fatal traffic accidents. While many states have reported fewer cars on the road overall due to the pandemic, motor vehicle fatalities or crashes causing serious injury are still up in many areas.

One reason Labor Day tends to be more dangerous than others is that many activities are centered around alcohol. Labor Day festivities often last throughout the day. Day drinking can be deceiving for some people, making it less likely that they can determine their level of intoxication. In order to keep yourself safe and everyone on the roads safe, it is always recommended to designate a sober driver if you plan on drinking.