Memphis Engages Repeat Drunk Driving Offenders with SCRAM Monitoring

In 2012 Tennessee HB 3281, made it possible for the state to release drunk driving suspects during the pre-trial phase.  During this release, defendants with multiple DUI offenses are required to wear SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring devices.  All pre-trial offenders with 2nd or higher DUI offenses or those with 1st time offenses with aggravated circumstances are eligible for the program.  Memphis, located in Shelby County, had hoped to alleviate jail overcrowding with a cost-effective alternative that also kept public safety at the forefront.  The program has been a huge success helping reduce DUI recidivism and replace destructive behavior.

The SCRAM CAM bracelet monitors offenders in Tennessee for a period of four to six months, with some being on the device for an entire year.  The program helps offenders to keep their jobs and become productive members of society since they are not sitting in jail while awaiting their trial.  SCRAM tests participants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for alcohol consumption.  It truly holds offenders accountable and requires complete sobriety.  There is no skipping tests.  The technology behind the bracelet is state-of-the-art and continually improving.