Maricopa County Considering Alternative Sentencing with Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Program

County Officials Consider Options in Misdemeanor DUI Cases


As reported by the Daily Independent, Maricopa County is considered a new home detention program utilizing Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelets or GPS monitoring and remote breath testing for low-level DUI offenders. The program would be an alternative sentencing option for people charged with misdemeanor drunk driving offenses who have not been convicted of a violent crime. In lieu of jail time, part of the sentencing under the proposal would be served at home.

The program gives offenders the option to submit to “GPS monitoring and breathalyzer testing or to continuous alcohol monitoring.” Several other courts in Arizona have implanted home detention programs or alternative sentencing using continuous alcohol monitoring devices. Continuous alcohol monitors such as the SCRAM CAM bracelet, are worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and test for alcohol every 30 minutes. The device tests alcohol consumption through the sweat excreted on a person’s skin. Devices are tamper- and water-resistant.

Read the full Daily Independent article “Maricopa County exploring home detention program, new tech.”

Continuous alcohol monitoring using devices like the SCRAM CAM bracelet can help reduce drunk driving recidivism by holding offenders accountable for not drinking during the monitoring period. Complete sobriety is required as part of most programs with non-compliance being reported to officials. Non-compliance whether from attempts to tamper with the device or a positive alcohol report could result in additional sanctions. In many cases, offenders are required to pay for at least a portion of the costs of the program.

Over 1600 jurisdictions across the country use SCRAM technologies to monitor offenders. Continuous alcohol monitoring devices have proven effective and can help save money for the jurisdiction by reducing jail overcrowding.