Louisville DUI Offenders Required to Wear SCRAM Bracelets

In an effort to reduce drunk driving and DUI recidivism, Louisville will start requiring repeat DUI offenders to wear alcohol-monitoring devices such as the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring devices. The bracelets will test for alcohol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most offenders wear the devices for an average of 90 days and are required to remain completely sober during that period. The devices test for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes and can quickly detect any attempts to tamper with the device or the results. Repeat drunk driving offenders will be required to wear them while they are awaiting trial or as part of an agreed upon plea deal.

Louisville, Kentucky hopes to see a reduction from the over 4000 alcohol related accidents they saw last year. Of those, 119 resulted in fatalities. Authorities hope to see a reduction in the number of alcohol-related incidents like other jurisdictions using the devices. San Diego County and York County, Pennsylvania have both had successful programs utilizing the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelets.