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Alcohol Monitoring in Los Angeles County

The SCRAM CAM device is a secured, continuous remote alcohol monitoring system that can detect alcohol consumption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Participants in Los Angeles can be court ordered or can wear the device prior to sentencing on their own accord. The device requires complete sobriety giving peace-of-mind for prosecutors, probation officers, judges and local law enforcement.

The SCRAM bracelet is worn on the ankle and is small enough to fit under most pant legs. Alcohol monitoring is transdermal, done through perspiration excreted through the skin. The monitor works continuously to detect any consumption of alcohol throughout the required monitoring period. The SCRAM device can be combined with house arrest features or GPS location monitoring to additional safeguards for high risk violators. Over 1600 courts and jurisdictions use SCRAM to monitor low- and high-risk alcohol offenders.

Technological Advances in Los Angeles Alcohol Monitoring

Over the past 20 years advances in technology have allowed the SCRAM bracelet to become smaller, more efficient and tamper resistant. The SCRAM CAM bracelet has been used to take over 2 billion alcohol readings. The mobile technology allows for a participant to be tested continuously. The testing ensures that any non-compliance is detected and reported immediately. Alcohol monitoring through the SCRAM device gives clear, concise reporting on alcohol consumption. There is no need for a participant to travel to a testing center as the information is sent through a landline telephone connection or now through an Ethernet connection. This also allows for an accurate home confinement option when needed.

To provide accurate reporting the ankle monitor communicates with a base station. The base station is located in the participant’s home and needs a landline, Ethernet or wireless connection. These new options allow for all participants, no matter what their economic position, to comply with alcohol monitoring requirements. There is no need for additional installation. Increased connectivity has allowed for easy compliance.

SCRAM: How it Works

Transdermal testing means testing through the skin. The alcohol monitoring bracelet is worn on the ankle and is in direct contact with the skin below the detector. As perspiration is excreted through the skin, the ankle bracelet automatically tests every 30 minutes for alcohol consumption. The device emits a small vibration during testing that most people get used to the first day they wear it. The perspiration that is tested is undetectable outside of the bracelet. It is perspiration that is on our skin at all times. When you consume alcohol a percentage of the alcohol is excreted through this perspiration and detectable by the ankle monitor.

The SCRAM CAM bracelet then communicates with the SCRAM CAM base station. While the bracelet stores test information throughout the day it is ultimately downloaded to your base station which communicates with Diversified Monitoring Systems to create a printable report.

Benefits of Using SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in Los Angeles

DMS is proud to offer the most efficient and technologically advanced SCRAM bracelet to Los Angeles. It is tamper-resistant ensuring that participants are remaining sober during the required period. The SCRAM bracelet can easily serve the dual purpose of alcohol monitoring and home confinement. The bracelet is completely mobile. A client does not have to go to a testing center and probation officers do not have to make regular home visits in order to test for alcohol consumption. The device measures alcohol consumption every 30 minutes and is downloaded to the base station each day. The base station communicates with DMS to create daily reports.

The most important function of the SCRAM CAM bracelet is that it helps those that suffer from alcohol dependence. Many times people that have an underlying addiction are not aided by fines or even jail time. The alcohol monitoring bracelet requires complete sobriety and accountability for an average of 98 days. The success rate of those monitored with the SCRAM bracelet is over 80%. This means that the vast majority of those required to wear the alcohol monitoring device remain sober for the entire period. Reports are immediately generated for those that violate the condition to abstain from the alcohol. Sobriety is no longer a guessing game, with the SCRAM bracelet sober days are provable.

The SCRAM device has helped courts and jurisdictions across the country and even the world, reduce drunk driving recidivism rates. Courts that require participation in the SCRAM program for those arrested or convicted of alcohol related offenses have seen a significant reduction in 2nd and 3rd time arrests for the same or worse crimes. This means that the SCRAM bracelet is not only making a difference in individual’s lives but also in the community as a whole.

Court-Validated, Industry-leading Technology: Los Angeles SCRAM

The SCRAM CAM bracelet is court-validated in Los Angeles and other courts throughout California. The device can be used pretrial or post conviction for monitoring depending on the situation. The technology behind the device is peer-reviewed, scientifically proven alcohol monitoring systems. The device is designed to minimize the possibility of false positives, so that judges can make accurate decisions regarding reported alcohol consumption. The device relies on fuel cell technology that has been proven throughout the industry and gives readings that are reviewed by a trained analyst.

The Los Angeles Superior Court system relies on provable, reliable results. The SCRAM CAM device delivers. Prosecutors, judges, probation officers and law enforcement rely on the proven technology and science behind the device. Programs like the 24/7 Sobriety Program and Target 25 have seen positive impacts not only on individuals but on the community-at-large. The SCRAM bracelet ensures compliance and accountability for those required to wear the device. It is convenient and designed to weather different temperatures for active individuals. There are over one million arrests for drunk driving each year. It is time to make real change for those that cannot do it alone.
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