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DMS Has Joined with Law Enforcement to Reduce Overcrowding and Provide Reliable Monitoring

Diversified Monitoring Systems proudly partners with law enforcement agencies across California to provide practical solutions to common challenges.  One of the biggest challenges facing nearly every law enforcement agency in the country is jail overcrowding.  Overburdened budgets, limited staffing, and insufficient space have created overloaded detention centers.  DMS provides proven jail alternatives through 24/7 monitoring that keeps the public-at-large safe while holding offenders accountable to their court-ordered sobriety or home confinement.

Offender-Funded Programs

In many cases, DMS can provide offender-funded monitoring meaning the defendant is required to pay the cost of their alcohol, GPS, or home confinement monitoring.  Offenders monitored with SCRAM devices are kept out of jail as long as they remain compliant.  This provides a significant saving to both the taxpayers and law enforcement agencies.  

DMS Monitoring Services

Diversified Monitoring provides a number of products to service law enforcement agencies including:

The wide range of products offered by DMS enables sheriff and law enforcement agencies to monitor all levels of offenders, whether they are low-risk, first-time defendants, or high-risk repeat offenders.  DMS agents work closely with law enforcement to provide unmatched customer service and support.  

Achieving Better Outcomes through Supervision

The alcohol and location monitoring technologies offered by DMS have helped law enforcement agencies across California achieve better outcomes by reducing recidivism and easing overcrowding in the jail systems.  Research shows that community supervision is one of the most effective tools in meeting these challenges faced by nearly every jurisdiction.  Defendants monitored through these services are often able to maintain employment and stay active members of society while being held accountable to their sobriety or court-ordered home confinement.  The specific needs of each defendant are then addressed through the available monitoring options.  This type of community supervision has been proven effective for ensuring compliance while dealing with the underlying reliance or dependence on alcohol and other drugs.  

The Importance of Partnership

Reducing repeat alcohol-related offenses, such as drunk driving, and easing jail overcrowding are challenges faced by the entire community.  It takes collaboration and teamwork to tackles these issues.  By partnering with law enforcement, DMS can meet the needs of both the police or sheriff’s department and the offender.  Alcohol and location monitoring has helped law enforcement agencies throughout California to reduce costs while continuing to keep the public safe.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

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