Lancaster County Repeat Drunk Drivers Remain Sober While Monitored with SCRAM

Of over 500 monitored participants only 11 violated the conditions of their alcohol monitoring requirements in Lancaster County.  The DUI Repeat Offender Program (DROP) reported that even of those 11, none of the participants were charged with a new drunk driving incident.  The Lancaster County District Attorney went on record to say that the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelets are unequivocally saving lives.  The bracelets are administered as part of the county’s DROP program in an effort to reduce drunk driving recidivism rates.  The alcohol monitors are paid for by the participants, not by the county.  The monitoring is done without being a huge burden on the taxpayers.  The program has been successful across the board.  Not only are participants remaining sober throughout the required monitoring period, most violations coming from attempts to tamper with the device – not drinking, but the community-at-large is also protected.  Participants are not just remaining sober while driving, they are making a lifestyle change.

Over 1600 jurisdictions across the country now use the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitor.  Success of collaborative programs utilizing SCRAM technology such as Lancaster County’s DROP and 24/7 Sober Programs, have led to a significant reduction in alcohol-related offenses including drunk driving recidivism.  Many judges impose alcohol monitoring as a requirement of release, so offenders begin monitoring within days of charges being filed.  SCRAM’s advanced technology has made it nearly impossible for a person to tamper with the device or try to disguise alcohol consumption.