Kane County using SCRAM to Manage Alcohol Offenders

Kane County, Illinois began using the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring devices in 2007 to manage alcohol offenders particularly those who have been arrested for drunk driving and domestic violence.  Implementation of the SCRAM bracelets has helped to save taxpayers money and relieve overcrowding at jails in the greater Chicago area.  Kane County uses the alcohol monitoring device to monitor participants as a condition of bond or as a conditioning of sentencing.  Participants are eligible for the program if they are 1st offenders with aggravated circumstances such as high BAC, 2nd offenses or Felony DUIs.  Kane County has also implemented the device for low-risk domestic violence offenders that have an underlying issue with alcohol abuse.

The program has seen great success.  Participants wear the device for 90 to 200 days depending on the case.  99.8% of those days are recorded “Sober Days” meaning that participants successfully completed the vast majority of their required monitoring period without consuming alcohol.  The program is used as an alternative to jail helping to reduce the overcrowded prison system and saving the taxpayers over $3 million.    According to the State’s Attorney Joe McMahon, “With 24/7 monitoring, SCRAM CAM has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in assisting the court system in enforcing prohibitions against alcohol consumption.”

Over 1600 jurisdictions now use the SCRAM device to monitor alcohol offenders.  Participants wear the device for an average of 90 days and are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.