Ireland Joins Fight Against Excessive Drinking with SCRAM CAM Monitoring

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Bracelets Introduced to Ireland Markets

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring devices are now offered globally as Ireland joins the fight against excessive drinking.  Beginning in 2018, Ireland began monitoring alcohol-offenders with SCRAM CAM bracelets in an effort to deter repeat and high-risk offenders.  SCRAM CAM devices are worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, testing participants every 30 minutes for alcohol consumption.  If alcohol is detected, the monitoring agency can take swift action against the participant. 

According to a recent publication by, “A total of 84% of Irish adults drink alcohol, with Ireland having one of the highest per capita consumption rates in Europe.” The high number of alcohol drinkers can be deadly.  According to Alcohol Action Ireland, “alcohol consumption is a significant road safety issue in Ireland and is a factor in 38% of all deaths on Irish roads.”

SCRAM CAM devices can help deter repeat offenders by keeping them accountable to their sobriety.  Throughout a participant’s monitoring period, there is a zero-tolerance for alcohol consumption.  Confirmed ingestion of alcohol is conclusive as the device is able to differentiate between alcohol that is consumed and outside alcohol sources such as soaps and perfumes.  All across the world, courts and probation departments are using alcohol monitoring systems such as the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitor to determine whether offenders are drinking or violating court orders.  Programs using devices like the SCRAM CAM system have seen a significant reduction in drunk driving recidivism.  Many collaborative courts, DUI treatment programs and sobriety centers report compliance rates of over 90%, meaning that participants being monitored through the SCRAM CAM bracelet are remaining sober for the duration of their required monitoring.