Iowa joins fight against drunk driving with Alcohol Monitoring Requirement

Iowa-flagThe Iowa State Senate announced a collaborate effort to prevent future drunk drivers by requiring drug and alcohol offenders to take breath tests twice a day or wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet such as a SCRAM device. The 24/7 Sobriety pilot program hopes to reduce or eliminate alcohol and drug crime related fatalities such as drunk driving. SF 2190 focuses on the underlying problem of addiction by requiring complete sobriety for offenders. Iowa follows other states such as South Dakota and North Dakota, which saw significant reductions in repeat alcohol related offenses.

Success with Alcohol Monitoring through the SCRAM device

The SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelet provides 24/7 monitoring for alcohol consumption. It works by testing for alcohol excreted through the skin, SCRAM bracelets tests constantly for alcohol consumption reinforcing complete sobriety for the wearer. DMS (Diversified Monitoring and Recovery) is proud to be California’s Original SCRAM Provider. We offer alcohol monitoring, GPS Monitoring and home confinement options all through ankle devices that can be worn under most pant legs. To find out more about our monitoring devices call our offices at 714-245-9910.