Illinois Saving Taxpayer Money with SCRAM Requirements

taxpayer-savings-with-scramBoone County, Illinois has reported taxpayers’ savings in the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars by requiring DUI offenders to wear ankle-monitoring devices. The program began in 2014 when the Boone County State’s Attorney’s office announced that it would start implementing use of the SCRAM devices for repeat drunk drivers. Many believe that the success of the program comes from the device’s ability to monitor sobriety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that a participant cannot cheat the system. If they drink the bracelet will report the issue immediately and the offender faces serious repercussions. In Boone County, participants are required to pay the ankle monitoring fees, which range from $8 to $15 a day.

Over the past two years it is estimated that the program has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by keeping these people out of jail. It keeps people employed, at home with their family and out of trouble. Instead of taxpayers paying to incarcerate these offenders, they are held to complete sobriety while still being able to go on with life. Programs like this have been implemented across the country and across the world. All report great success for both the participants and the monitors.