Illinois Prosecutors Push For Additional SCRAM Bracelets on DUI Defendants

winnebago-countyProsecutors in Winnebago County have asked the State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato to push for additional requirements of drunk driving offenders including that they wear SCRAM bracelets as a condition of release or probation. The county began allowing Judges the option to require the alcohol monitoring device in September of 2015. The program met great success as it helped create a safer community according to the State Attorney. People are required to maintain their sobriety while wearing the device. The SCRAM bracelet immediately detects alcohol detection testing a person’s sweat excreted through their skin every 30 minutes. The court is notified of any violation instantaneously so that it can be dealt with. In Winnebago County they are hoping to expand the program to a number of other felonies including domestic violence where alcohol can have fatal consequences.

The goal of a 24/7 alcohol-monitoring device is to change a person’s behavior. The SCRAM bracelet requires complete sobriety while it is being worn. There is no way around it. The device is tamperproof, waterproof and temperature resistant, so there really isn’t any wiggle-room. The device will tell you if someone is consuming alcohol when they shouldn’t. The purpose is to encourage rehabilitation and ultimately deal with an underlying addiction or reliance on alcohol.