House Arrest – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About SCRAM House Arrest


How many people have used house arrest?

SCRAM systems has monitored over 20,000 people on house arrest for a combined total of 1.2 million monitored days.

What are some of the features of the SCRAM house arrest device?

It has a waterproof design and multiple anti-tamper systems. It has a fast, easy 30-second installation process and a one-year field-replaceable battery.

Who can use SCRAM House Arrest?

The SCRAM House Arrest device has been used in a number of situations including family law (domestic) cases, community corrections, bail reform, and to alleviate prison and jail overcrowding.

Do I need a traditional landline?

Today’s house arrest is more versatile than ever. Clients no longer need a traditional landline to connect the device. SCRAM house arrest technology can be connected through cellular, WI-FI, landline, or ethernet.

What if I need alcohol monitoring and house arrest?

Continuous alcohol monitoring and house arrest can be combined into a single device. A SCRAMx device can ensure that a participant is remaining at home during the required period and that they are not consuming alcohol while monitored.

Is House Arrest the same as GPS location monitoring?

House arrest or home confinement differs from GPS location monitoring. A GPS location monitor can pinpoint the exact location of a participant, whereas house arrest only monitors whether a person is at home during the required, pre-determined curfew period.

How do I find out if I am eligible for house arrest?

If you are facing a criminal or family law matter, you should always discuss your legal options with your attorney. They can help guide you through court requirements.

Can the device get wet?

The device is waterproof allowing it to get wet without interfering with the transmission, however, the device should not be completely submerged in water.