Honolulu to Require Repeat DUI Offenders to Wear SCRAM CAM Bracelets

Oahu’s Biggest City Joins Fight Against Repeat Drunk Drivers

In an effort to deter drunk driving recidivism in Oahu’s biggest city, the Honolulu Deputy Prosecuting Attorney has announced an alcohol monitoring program.  Repeat DUI offenders could be required to wear 24/7 alcohol monitoring bracelets.  The SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device uses a person’s sweat to determine if they have consumed any alcohol.  The device tests for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes.  Courts are immediately notified of any alcohol consumption.  The device could be used as a condition of release pretrial or as a sentencing requirement.

The program was approved by the state in 2017.  The cost of the device and monitoring is paid for by defendants.  The device is tamper-resistant.  Attempts to remove or disable the device are considered a violation of a court order and could result in automatic jail time.  Other programs report 99% sobriety rates meaning that those monitored remain sober for the duration of their monitoring period.  Honolulu is the latest in over 1600 jurisdictions across the world that monitor drunk drivers with the SCRAM CAM bracelet.  The SCRAM bracelet helps those suffering from alcohol dependence and addiction deal with their disease and remain productive members of society.