GPS monitoring

Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring device

BLUtag, launched in 2005, is the original one-piece GPS monitoring device. Now in its fifth generation, no other one-piece GPS monitoring has been in use as long as BLUtag. The lightweight and inconspicuous device attaches around an enrollee’s ankle and remains there until the supervising agent removes it.GPS-Device

BLUtag Functionality Highlights

  • One battery charge powers the device for 48+ hours
  • Detects and reports four types of tampering: strap, case, GPS signal jamming and shielding
  • Enhanced Secondary Location Technology engages when not receiving GPS signals: uses data from cellular phone towers, including the signal strength, to provide enhanced location confirmation
  • All zone information is stored in the built-in memory
  • Communicates, or reports into, VeriTracks using nationwide cellular phone service
  • Lifetime warranty and no questions-asked return policy
  • Works with BLUhome and BLUbox to expand its monitoring capability
  • Also works with Stalker Alert

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