GPS monitoring

High Risk GPS Technology

  • Hardened Steel Strap for high risk offenders
  • 3-way Voice Communication
    Cellular Triangulation in conjunction with GPS
  • Anti-Jamming Technology
  • 95db Siren – activated remotely by monitoring center

Additional GPS Devices and Technology:

Smaller more lightweight GPS devices. Each have slightly different technology that we use depending on where a subject lives. Some devices offer an additional “Beacon” device to help with “drifting” alerts and area with minimal reception. The beacon can also be used as a “Home Curfew” device. Most devices offer on board remote charging. Meaning the wearer does not have to be tethered to an electrical outlet while the device is charging. Agency monitoring is available to the requesting party.
All monitoring is done in house at our monitoring center. Some devices provide an option for the requesting party to monitor the wearer for 24/7 location access. Clients can come to one of our offices or we offer remote installation in most areas. For more information contact our main office during normal business hours at 714-245-9910.