Former Prep School Student required to be on GPS Monitoring

st-paul-schoolFormer Prep School Student Owen Labrie has been released from jail after violating the terms of his release. According to court officials, Labrie violated his court-ordered curfew on several occasions. He had been out on bail awaiting his appeal from a sexual assault case. Labrie once attended the elite St. Paul’s School where he allegedly assaulted a 15-year-old student. He was convicted of a felony charge of computer use to entice or lure a child under 16 in order to commit a sexual assault and three misdemeanor sexual assault charges. Labrie spent two months in jail after violating the terms of his release but had his bail reinstated. The judge ordered him to be placed on a GPS electronic monitoring ankle bracelet to make sure that he does not violate his court-ordered curfew.

GPS Monitoring in California

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