Former People Magazine’s “most eligible bachelor” required to wear GPS Device

gps-monitor-for-former-most-eligible-bachelorIn a high-profile sexual assault case, a judge is requiring former “most eligible bachelor” and Boston Attorney Gary Zerola to wear a GPS Monitoring Device, avoid alcohol, stay away from the alleged victim and maintain curfew while awaiting trial on a $10,000 cash bail. Zerola is a former assistant district attorney who now practices criminal defense in Boston. He has been charge with two counts of rape. Sadly this is not the first time that Zerola has faced these kinds of charges. Zerola, best known for being named a finalist on the first season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” has been acquitted of three rape cases including two in 2006 in Boston and one in 2007 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Zerola is set to appear in court on the current matter January 4. He is facing two counts of rape stemming from an encounter on November 10 with a woman he knew according to prosecutors. Mr. Zerola, through his attorney, has said that the current case is “based upon a foundation of lies.” He will be disputing the charges in court. Authorities will know Zerola’s whereabouts at all times with the GPS Monitor he is required to wear. They will be able to confirm that he is obeying his mandatory curfew and staying away from the victim in the case.